Introverts Become Extroverts?

Wondering, how to transform an introvert into an extrovert? Easy! Just load an app! Confent EXEX has introduced the Worksup -app, which does all the work with one click. And the know-how comes from one of the most introverted countries I know: Estonia. This is a piece of the thickest b***t I’ve ever heard. Of…

The Legacy

Introvert life – My Legacy This an open letter to all of my fellow introverts who are still searching their place in the world. You are young. Enjoy it in full and try to forget the odd glances and glares your introvert lifestyle gathers.  Few decades ago I was fighting against the same daemons. Long…

True Stories: A Miracle

#true stories #miracle Here is the first true story in the series. I had to undergo a serious spinal surgery. Everybody, including my family physician, tried to persuade me to give up the idea. I admit, the operation was risky. Whatever could have gone wrong: from partial disability to fatality. I turned Google upside down,…

Why I Like Travelling

My Introvert Way To Travel Travelling is commonly described as the way to see new places, gain new experience and meet new people. Partly it is a “yes” from me. Out of the box introverts are put in, travelling is the possibility to escape continuous interaction. For me personally, travelling has always been not only…

Myths About Introverts

Who I am Being an Introvert in the world designed for Extroverts is a challenge. Not that it bothers me, but it is rather funny. It looks like introvert lifestyle hoovers myths and bias. Partly, because introverts don’t share their life left and right. They don’t feel the need to.  I bump into the myths…


PÖFF – Pimedate Ööde filmifestival BNFF – Black Nights Film Festival 13-29 of November, Tallinn, Estonia It is a perfect event for introverts in a perfectly alienated city of Tallinn. With the darkest season of Nordics ongoing in late November (Kaamos), unwanted interaction is close to zero. The film festival can possibly move to the…

Self-Made Trouble

Self-Made Trouble.
I like solving problems even if they are self-made and stupid. If my existence becomes too still, I invent troubles for myself.

Leap Year Summit

Leap Year Summit
Every Leap Year on 29th of February.
Meet your peers regularly!

Starting Point

Lessons I learnt from being an life-long extreme introvert.