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My shopping directory by Happy Color
My Shopping Directory (by HappyColor).

Here I will share my personal experience in one of my favourite hobbies: online shopping. The text DOES contain affiliates, but it DOES NOT mean that I would modify my truth to serve it. I will also edit and add more articles/sites as soon as I gain more experience in the field. Enjoy!


MÁDARA Organic Skincare (LT, INT)

SOS HYDRA MASK MOISTURE + RADIANCE, Madara My Shopping Directory personal experience in online shopping

It is easier to buy Madara’s products from other places, but if you are a devoted fan, this is a nice mono-brand shop to spend a rainy afternoon. The site is beautiful, but not completely user-friendly. A few important links are missing. Lots of information about products and ingredients.

The package will be delivered free of charge if your order total exceeds a country-specified limit. Ships worldwide.

I always buy my favorite SOS HYDRA MASK MOISTURE + RADIANCE mask from Loverte.

Loverte (EE, FI)

The range of the products is good for as small country as Estonia. The pluses are their language- and neighbour-friendly environment, competitive prices and affordable delivery fees (free of charge over specified limit), always some offers on-going. The shop is not suitable for brand-addicts. In case you are seeking for a specific product or colour, it may become an issue: not all products and not all the time are available. Out of stock – gaps are long. If you’re a flexible consumer, there is a lot of space for manoeuvre here. I personally liked the idea, the site is also in English and the text is written by a conscious human, not a Google Translator. Respect!

My to-go site for next day delivery in Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and Finland (1-5 days).

Secret Club One web-shop. Very good prices and a lot of offers. But you should know it exists as it is not visible to Google search. Delivers to Estonia and Finland only.  

Sokos (FI)

You should be desperate if you are in. And you should have nerves of iron. Pick up from the store costs € 4.95 and takes 2-4 business days to prepare. EMBARRASSING!

Stockmann (EE, FI)

Even more desperate online shop than Sokos. Whatever you search, there is not that item. Even if it is available in-store. Both, Finnish and Estonian are same, no available information about other countries sites. Enquiries your birth date and gender. What for?

Kaubamaja (EE)

Where Loverte succeeded to make it on the tiny Estonian market, huge and mighty Kaubamaja screwed up. The mall is great, the web is miserable. 

Grenardi (LV, LT, EE)

Grenardi, Lilly Spring, Diamonds by Grenardi, Julia Shandra, Given by Grenardi, My Shopping Directory personal experience in online shopping
Lilly Spring by Grenardi

A niche jewelry shop in Baltics which offers online service as well. Expensive jewelry is one of the most complicated products to buy online, but in case you know what you are doing – go ahead! Great offers, true quality, perfect service and great loyal clients’ program. Offers jewelry that definitely stands out for its unique and sophisticated beauty. (Grenardi Latvia, Grenardi Estonia, Lilly Spring DIAMONDS BY GRENARDI catalogue 2011-2014). (UK, INT)

The Nobility of Cosmetics Online Stores. All new releases are in stock as soon as they come out. HD pictures and information. Expensive. But still competitive for Finnish market. I have been their customer for years (probably something 2005-2018). Then they moved customer service to India.

Apparently the stock had been moved somewhere as some beautiful day came the announcement that my order had to be shipped in three packages (due to weight) and it was 3x shipping cost which exceeded their Express delivery price with no weight restrictions. I have to mention here that the total amount of my order was not small at any scale. Previously, in similar cases, the delivery method was switched to DPD even though I paid for the ordinary postage. I think it was fair: the bigger the order, the better the terms of delivery. Of course, I refused to pay three times, and canceled my order. After that, I order from that store only when I can’t find the equivalent anywhere else. And the goods are very light.

Allbeauty (UK, INT)

Beauty outlet as I see it. Good prices, but availability varies. Easy to reach free delivery limit. Sends also perfumes. Worldwide delivery, but delivery times varies from the ones claimed on website. Stocks are usually low, so don’t procrastinate in this shop. 

my personal experience in online shopping

The Hut Group’s beauty online stores: 

my personal experience in online shopping

lookfantastic® (UK, INT)

Shopping there is tricky. Huge is not always equal to great. Many products are presented in limited range (usually excluding just those shades/products I need), offers include a lot of exclusions. Some brands are way cheaper than in other sites, some much pricier. Good to shop for haircare lines (like e.g. Redken or Shu Uemura).


HQhair (UK, INT)

One of those I avoid till the end. Their offers always don’t include the goods in my basket, delivery times are long, this and that is missing, prices are so-so, client service is sleepy. But I still managed to proceed to checkout few times. (UK, INT)

I have used their Mama Mio range when I was pregnant. This is one the rare lines which is tested for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding (at least in EU).

Grow Gorgeous (UK, INT)

Mono-brand online shop. This range is available also in Lookfantastic but I prefer to buy it here. 



The place is my ultimate favourite playground when it goes to fashion. I am kind of bargain lover, so just to go and spend a fortune on clothes and accessories doesn’t come along with my idea of sustainable fashion. I also like the item to be quite unique. And YOOX in the one!  

I’ve used YOOX from 2003 or 2005. And it’d never disappointed me. Of course, 90% of the clothes/accessories brought by courier goes back, as it is absolutely impossible to know, if they suit (I’d like they put more measurements to the product page to avoid that useless movement), but I still had found my best items just there. The funnies case I’ve ever submitted is a Missoni overcoat which I was watching for 3 years until it was discounted some 80%. I am that stubborn. The item was supposed to become mine. And it is still the most favourite (also most used, most beautiful and the warmest) overcoat I ever had.

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