Introverts Become Extroverts?

introvert and extrovert
Introverts Become Extroverts ever after (by Happy Color)

Wondering, how to transform an introvert into an extrovert? Easy! Just load an app! Confent EXEX has introduced the Worksup -app, which does all the work with one click. And the know-how comes from one of the most introverted countries I know: Estonia.

This is a piece of the thickest b***t I’ve ever heard. Of course, the idea of the app is not bad itself. The app helps SHY people to ask questions to a speaker. 

Though, there are two huge problems in this approach.


Introverts are not SHY. If the topic is interesting, they WILL ask extra questions and interact with the speaker. Of course, in case the speaker is able to communicate. Sometimes, the performance is so poor that the audience just prefers to keep silent just not to hear any more of the blah.

At least in Finland and Estonia, most speakers are lacking any rhetoric skills. Actually, even in regular college an extra course of rhetoric skills is available. For free. I’ve attended one. There were two students and a teacher there, out of 25 in the class. It was an optional course.

I’ve attended Uni in a different country, so we had a whole 60 points (it’s about half a year of studies) course of politology and rhetoric skills. I can’t say I was not terrified to speak up the first time when I walked to the stage. But it was all about learning. We all tried, failed, got some feedback and moved ahead in our outcome. The course was obligatory in our curriculum. 

The result: I am able to perform in front of an audience, whatever huge, and brilliantly, actually. I’m definitely able to interact both ways, with speakers and listeners – ask and answer the questions. And I didn’t meet the dead silence after my performances for decades. Did it make me an extrovert? Nope. I enjoy the fact, I have something to share with the listeners, but not bringing my personality to the spotlight. I would not speak up, if I have nothing to say. It’s always worth trying to arrange presentations in the way, which serves the audience the best (I’ve studied to obtain those skills, too).  


The second thing was the slogan they used in the promo: How A Startup Helps Introverts To Become Extroverts. Why, for God’s sake, they think extroverts and introverts are kind of double-side bikinis: just turn inside out! If human personal features were that easily adjustable, humanity would have been 7 bln clones. Welcome to the Earth, Aliens!

No doubt, this kind of app is perfect for on-line conferences. As well, in the current COVID-19 infused situation, the solution is helpful in many situations. Also it gives the opportunity for people with speech impairments to participate in the discussion. 

What feature I’d rather NOT include in the app, the opportunity to make a question anonymously. It could possibly induce the appearance of inappropriate content.

In all other cases, I’d encourage the orators to improve their performing skills and listeners – their communication and language skills, so the discussion occurs on site. In case we will ever be able to meet on site again 😉 

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Can an introvert become an extrovert? Estonian start up believes an app solve the transition problem.

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