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Introvert life – My Legacy

This an open letter to all of my fellow introverts who are still searching their place in the world.

introvert life Legacy

You are young. Enjoy it in full and try to forget the odd glances and glares your introvert lifestyle gathers. 

Few decades ago I was fighting against the same daemons. Long story short – I won. You will also win, I believe it. Because it is the only way to survive. You win or you die. Not literary may be but your inner space ceases if you fail to prove the world your right for existence. 

And believe me, you have the absolute right to be as introvert as you would like. And it doesn’t matter if the world doesn’t like it. They have to accept you as you are. Be clear and determined about it. 

You will find yourself inside your mind. It is crucial for whatever alive creature. And the peace will descend over your life.

That’s the strategy and the target to aim.

As for the tactics…
  1. Try to find common people to surround you. With years and experience it will come easier.
  2. Be clear about the issue with your closest ones. They have to accept you just as you are or the relationship will fail. Unfortunately it happens, also between the closest relatives – parents and children, siblings, spouses. 
  3. Learn their extrovert language to decode them and to explain them the matter of facts. It’s highly unlikely they will learn your language or will ever fully understand you, but it will give you an advantage. And it can result in the fact they will leave you alone, at least for a while.
  4. There are a lot of other introverts in this world, they are just not that loud about themselves. Listen to the silence, reflex on yourself and google. You will find what you are looking for. And it is closer to you than you thought. 
  5. Accept the fact, that you will never change. You’re born that way. Live your introvert life and enjoy it in full. 


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