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I’ve been working from home for years. The Coronacalypsis time is anyway something absolutely different, in an absolutely ridiculous way. 

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We were moaning for ages to have the opportunity to work from home. Now we are moaning about how lonely it is to be isolated from any social contacts by quarantine.  

Working from home was my reality for years. The difference is that all three of us are shouting to their computers around the same dining table in the living room. Time to time one of us has to move to a distant corner for some privacy to concentrate on their work. 

One Finnish line manager gave the recommendations to their sublevel:

  1. Stay at your desk 8.00-16.00
  2. Don’t do laundry.
  3. Don’t let children disturb you.

That would be funny if it’s not so sad. Home office needs a lot of self-discipline, managing skills and iron nerves. Working from home in their pajamas doesn’t suit everybody, but it definitely will gain many new addicts. The online studying and conference tools are still developing, but the more users they have, the better quality connection they provide. And the positive impact on the ecology is unquestionable.

I am still going to make laundry and go for a walk in day time, but not after dark. As well I intend to do my work when I have inspiration, but not when a boss wants me to do it. I believe that following your own biological clock helps to improve productivity. If I am not able to do anything intellectual before 10 o’clock in the morning, I would not do it. I’ve tried it and the result was always miserable. The best of me pops up after 11 in the evening when everybody else is falling down to bed. 

Also a nice half hour walk after lunch makes me so happy, I will persist in performing it. Especially because in the north of Europe, where I used to live for 20 years, the sun shows up in winter for a short time in midday. Here, in the south of Europe it is still the best moment to catch the sun. Or rain. Your choice. 

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Stay positive and try to use your toilet paper creatively. Have a nice quarantine!

PS The quarantine is over patchy around the world. But we are still looking to getting our life back. As for 19.9.2020

PSS The lockdown came into power in many European countries, so no life visible on the horizon. 8.11.2020

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The article has originally appeared on Via Per Aspera Ad Astra on March, 20th, 2020.

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