True Stories: A Miracle

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Here is the first true story in the series.

True stories: a miracle

I had to undergo a serious spinal surgery. Everybody, including my family physician, tried to persuade me to give up the idea. I admit, the operation was risky. Whatever could have gone wrong: from partial disability to fatality. I turned Google upside down, searching for information, consulted with the surgeon and neurologist, with his former patients. The surgeon, who was to perform the operation, had 8% of unsuccessful operations with zero lethal cases. 

I was still quite doubtful about it. Practically, I wasn’t able to walk for 1.5 year prior to that conversation with the surgeon. After checking my health records, he suggested, it would be 3 days in the hospital and then I’d be sent home. 

You know, he made it. He was even better in it, than the feedback claimed. He could see the whole thing from the MRT picture, of course. 3 days after the surgery I walked out of the hospital straight to the beach. An occasional painkiller, no antibiotics at all. 

It felt like a miracle. Actually, It was not. As he said, “it’s my handicrafts”.  The real miracle he made was not mine spinal. It was a 4 hour brain tumour operation he performed on my roommate, a girl my age. Two days in, we were walking together around the hospital park, chatting. 

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