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True Stories: A Miracle

#true stories #miracle Here is the first true story in the series. I had to undergo a serious spinal surgery. Everybody, including my family physician, tried to persuade me to give up the idea. I admit, the operation was risky. Whatever could have gone wrong: from partial disability to fatality. […]

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Why I Like Travelling

My Introvert Way To Travel Travelling is commonly described as the way to see new places, gain new experience and meet new people. Partly it is a “yes” from me. Out of the box introverts are put in, travelling is the possibility to escape continuous interaction. For me personally, travelling […]

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PÖFF – Pimedate Ööde filmifestival BNFF – Black Nights Film Festival 13-29 of November, Tallinn, Estonia It is a perfect event for introverts in a perfectly alienated city of Tallinn. With the darkest season of Nordics ongoing in late November (Kaamos), unwanted interaction is close to zero. The film festival […]

Confessions Of An Extreme Introvert

I have tried to remake myself to fit the locker of a modern woman: fun, fearless female – a  self-made prosperous achiever in designed clothes. In vain. After years of trying I came to the result: it will never happen. The reason: I don’t want it to happen.  I attended […]